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                            Propose a special Issue on JIRS


Special issue can be proposed by any guest editor (Professor/Associate Professor) of universities worldwide to our editorial board. Please e-mail us the proposal of less than 2000 words. It should address answer to the following questions:

  • Why special issue should be published?

  • The field and title of special issue?

  • Date of  publication?

  • Number of articles to be published?

  • Background of the guest editor?



Please note to following items:

  • Each issue to include at least 10 and maximum 20 articles.

  • The Special Issue shall be published on the agreed time.

  • All articles should be sent to at least three reviewers before acceptance for publication by the guest editor. 

  • Complete names and affiliation of reviewers should be written in the article. 

  • If target of Special Issue is conference, then the guest editor should be introduced by scientific secretary of the conference.

  • Guest editor has to be at least PhD and has published minimum six papers in international journals.

  • The right to re-referee and/or reject an accepted article is reserved by editorial board of the journal if the article does not meet the criteria outlined in the review form or if the article is in some other way deemed possibly unsuitable.


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